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SwanHealth is a trusted Umbrella Payroll for contractors in the healthcare industry.

At SwanHealth, we are committed to providing a first-rate umbrella payroll service to contractors in the health, social and veterinary care industries. We truly appreciate the integral work that you do to keep us all safe and well – thank you!

When you join the SwanHealth family, you will gain full access to our
SH Loyalty platform. SH Loyalty is our Employee Perks Platform for you, our amazing, hard-working and loyal contractors.

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SwanHealth Loyalty!

As soon as you join the SH Family, you will gain access to SH Loyalty.

Your exclusive discount, benefits & wellbeing platform. SH Loyalty is an employee perks program that helps you live a better & healthier life. Plus, there’s no additional cost to you! You have complete access to our #SHLoyalty as soon as you sign up! You will be auto-enrolled into the platform and from there you can start taking advantage of lost of amazing discounts and freebies! 

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SwanHealth Contractor Benefits


Same-Day Payments

We provide same day payments directly into your bank account. Once it's in your account, you will recieve an amazing SMS letting you know.


Simple, Guided Application

We offer a quick & easy application. Our main goal is to make our Umbrella Employement as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

SH Loyalty

SH Loyalty Platform

SwanHealth Loyalty is our Employee Perks Platform for you, our amazing, hard-working and loyal contractors.


Holiday & Sick Pay

As part of the SH family you will have access to holiday & sick pay. You can view our Holiday Pay Policy Here


Industry Insights Newsletter

If you've sign up to our newsletter, you will have access to industry news and articles. You will also have access to our Umbrella 101 articles.


Low, Fixed Fee Structure

We offer one of the lowest fees in the Umbrella Industry. We understand the need for a reliable and low, fixed cost Umbrella.


Industry Specialist Knowledge

Our team has multiple years of industry knowledge in different aspects of the industry. We are always happy to help you when were possible.

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Comprehensive Insurances

We have your back. We have you covered with a high level of Employers Liability, Employees Indemnity & Public Liability Insurances.


Full Employee Benefits

As soon as you join the SH family, you will gain full employee benefits. Holiday pay, sick pay, maternity and paternity leave, and more benefits.


Access To Company Pension

ou will be entered into an auto-enrolment pension plan to guarantee you have everything that you need when you come to your retirement.


Specialists In Animal Healthcare

SwanHealth caters to all healthcare professionals – including those who tend to 4-legged patients!

We’re delighted to say that we have constructed our insurance policies to ensure we’re accessible to locum veterinarians & specialists who care for the animal kingdom.

Go To Work Hassle-Free

As a locum, you should expect to change roles and assignments regularly.  Staying organised and on being top of your schedule and incoming finances is essential. This is where using an umbrella company is invaluable – we deliver a fast, compliant and reliable PAYE service that eliminates any worry or concern on your part.

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Discover The Easy, Consistent & Compliant Way To Get Paid As A Healthcare Contractor

Locum healthcare workers are always in demand. As a SwanHealth temporary worker you get to enjoy assignment flexibility and attractive pay rates while retaining full employee benefits and great job satisfaction. Start your contracting journey today, we’ll guide you through our application process and will deal with all of your administrative worries – leaving you to focus on what you do best.

We will ensure you remain in a fully compliant position and we promise that every payment your receive will be on time and accurate. There are no setup fees, no long term contracts & no exit fees – simple.

Over time we’ve been asked thousands of contracting questions, the most common are below. If you need an answer, contact us – we’ll be happy to help.

  • How do I find temporary work with a recruitment agency?
  • How do I actually get paid through an umbrella company?
  • What taxes and deductions are there? How do I pay them, to whom, how and when?
  • Do I still get paid holidays?

We have a tried and tested payroll system which can conduct multiple, accurate payments each day, so when we receive funds for you, we will ensure they are processed without delay. You’ll also receive a notification when your payment is processed giving you peace of mind.  Also, if you are between contracts our fees will automatically stop, you only pay for our service when you’re actively billing.

All payments are subject to tax and NI deductions in accordance with HMRC which removes the hassle of self-assessment (dependent on your personal circumstances). Everything will be broken down on your payslips, fully transparent for you to access at any time.

SwanHealth Fee Structure

With SwanHealth there are no joining or leaving fees, our flat rates are based on your payment frequency and will only be charged if you are processing time for that period.

Weekly Payroll

£ 16
50 Per Week
  • SwanHealth Loyalty
  • Full Employee Benefits
  • Low, Fixed Fee Structure
  • Same-Day Payments
  • & Much More

Weekly Payroll

£ 65
00 Per Month
  • SwanHealth Loyalty
  • Full Employee Benefits
  • Low, Fixed Fee Structure
  • Same-Day Payments
  • & Much More