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SwanHealth Loyalty

Welcome To Our SwanHealth Loyalty, An Ever Expanding Rewards Platform Exclusively For SwanHealth Customers And Employees.

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This one's on us!

There is no additional cost to accessing SH Loyalty, as soon as you sign up as a SwanHealth customer you’re auto enrolled. From there, it’s yours to use as you wish.

Here are just a few advantages that you can expect:

  • A free top-flight membership to one of the UK’s hottest appreciation platforms Perkbox
  • Monthly freebies and huge discounts on coffee shops, food outlets and hundreds of retailers throughout the UK
  • Free access to mental health support, self-development resources and professional advancement tools.
  • Seasonal exclusive discounts and upgrades on luxury UK breaks and hotel stays
  • Access to our hand-selected contractor provision specialists including mortgage advisors and contractor accountants.
  • Opportunities to uncapped referral earnings for sending colleagues our way
  • Access to contractor news and article pages
  • As a part of your SH Loyalty package we have formed a relationship with the renowned Pippa Wilson of the award-winning, Travel Counsellors.

The Real Value:
If you use only a small part of your SH Loyalty opportunities consistently you’ll be surprised how much you can save. You’ll easily offset your weekly umbrella fees and can actually turn your relationship with SwanHealth into a personal money-saving/making campaign. 

Offset Your Umbrella Fee With SH Loyalty
Your SwanHealth Monthly Fee: £65
SH Loyalty
Monthly Value
Adjusted Fee
Free Movie Download
Free Caffe Nero Coffee
Magpie Professional Development
Boxx Fitness
Health Assured Support
1 x £50 Colleague Referral Incentive/Year

Not Included in this projection:
Discounts on hundreds of retailers, technology companies, supermarkets, entertainment venues, hotels, and travel. And, any additional colleague referrals you may place with us (each worth £50.00)

Now that is value for money!

SH Loyalty members saved £000’s last year – you can too. If you’re not already a SwanHealth customer get in touch, we can fast-track your application giving you access to all of the SH Loyalty goodies in no time!