ERA Certification Statement
by Director, Kelly Brisco

We are delighted to share the news that our contractor employment practices are officially ERA Certified!

ERA (Employment Rights Assessment) Services is a non-profit, community interest company that work to UKAS standards while conducting a thorough audit of every aspect of employment process and practice in relation to UK law and legislation.

We chose to become ERA Certified in order to reassure our contractors, staff, applicants, supply chain and business partners that our employment practices are beyond reproach in relation to law.

We’re an umbrella company, as such we understand the scepticism and trepidation surrounding our chosen industry. That’s why we chose ERA Services for our audit process. ERA’s product is independent and impartial, they have lots of protocols in place to ensure it maintains its integrity end-to-end. They are also working very hard to become UKAS accredited, meaning their process is overseen, and will be approved by the UK’s only and official accreditation body.

We do things properly at SwanHealth and ensuring that the practices of our auditing body are also rigorously tested and scrutinised on an annual basis by a reputable third-party adds a level of credibility that is unrivalled in the umbrella certification arena.

During our ERA Services audit, the following aspects were reviewed thoroughly, holiday pay procedures, sickness pay procedures, PAYE processing, pension provision, employment contracts and terms, right to work checks, pay slip notation, maternity and paternity pay, Key Information Documents, AWR compliance, GDPR protocols and much more.

We are committed to care, security and great service of all of our employees and contractors. Our ERA Certified status serves as a demonstration that everything that we do meets of surpasses UK standard of employment.